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     DIAMED Ltd  was established in December 1991 by the Division of Radiopharmaceuticals, Institute of Biophysics, Ministry of  Health Care, USSR (today called Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency) - major developer of domestic radiopharmaceuticals.

     The company was created at the initiative of the employees of the Institute of Biophysics who became founders of the company. With the strong support of the leadership of the Institute and senior management of the Pharmaceuticals Division it became possible to set up a reliably operating and dynamically growing company.

     During its first year of operations, DIAMED was producing 4,000 kits per year in four variations and was supplying reagents for Tc-99m generator to about 100 clinics in the former USSR.

      In December of this year the enterprise will mark the 20 anniversary of the activity.  In close collaboration and support of Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency, enterprise's staff managed to create a modern production facility that meets the requirements of international standards.  Today, our company produces 11 variations of reagents and has about 200 customers among Russian clinics.

Company's products are in demand throughout our country. According to responses of clinical physicians, there is a real need to expand the range of manufactured products.

     Currently, our company has all the resources not only to meet the needs of Russian clinics in our products, but also to expand its range Today our enterprise lets out 16000 sets in a year whereas production capacity allows  to expand volume of output to 35-40 thousand sets a year.

     Development of new preparations for nuclear medicine is carried out by department of radiating technologies of medical appointment Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency These preparations will be issued including by Diamed.

     Quality control of finished products is performed by this same department accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology as independent and technically competent in radiation control. 

     Quality control of finished products is performed as well as by our own lab accredited  by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology as technically competent.

     Our policy, primarily, is to ensure the highest quality of our products. To achieve that goal, we have set very high requirements for our personnel dictated by present time, i.e. edge-cutting technologies and transition of the pharmaceutical industry to the international quality standards. Our team includes highly qualified professionals, the core of whom is the employees working in our company since its first day

     In accordance with existing national and international GMP rules, the company has been refurbished and equipped with modern process equipment. Full appreciation of our goals and well coordinated work of our team made it possible to turn our company into an up-to-date production facility which meets international standards.

    It is as important to build up a system of supplier-customer relations which ensures timely delivery of high quality products to clinical radio-isotopic labs in any part of Russia. With this aim in view, we continuously seek improvement of our interactions with customers to better accommodate their interests and capabilities.


    After twenty years in business, it is the right time not only to look back and analyze the results, but also to set new objectives. One of such objectives is to enter foreign markets, and, first of all, to reanimate our ties with customers of radio-isotopic products in former Soviet republics.   This objective, in much, determines priorities for us in shaping up our short-term strategy, including our commitment to meet world standards. 

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