Manufacture of kits for 99mTc generator









DIAMED Ltd is the only enterprise in Russia that produces the kits for preparation radiopharmaceuticals with technetium-99m. 




The enterprise was established in December 1991 by the Radiopharmaceuticals Division of the Institute of Biophysics, Ministry of Health Care USSR (today called A.I.Burnazyan Federal Medical Research Center of the FMBA of Russia), — major developer of domestic radiopharmaceuticals.


During its first year of operations, DIAMED was producing 4,000 kits per year in four variations and was supplying kits for Tc-99m generator to about 100 clinics in the former USSR.


Currently, the company produces 12 varieties of the kits (more than 21000 kits per year) and provides about 200 clinics in Russia with its products.




The company's products are in demand throughout our country and abroad. Judging by the feedback from clinicians, there is a real need to expand the range of manufactured kits. 


Development of new kits for nuclear medicine is carried out by the Department of Radiation Technologies for Medical Purpose  of A.I.Burnazyan Federal Medical Research Center of the FMBA of Russia. At the same time DIAMED directly participates in the works on development of technological processes of production and organization of clinical trials of a number of new kits, which will be subsequently implemented at the enterprise. At present the production has all the resources not only for 100% satisfaction of the needs of Russian clinics in its products, but also for expansion of the product range.


Our policy, primarily, is to ensure the highest quality of our products. To achieve this goal, the company's management sets high requirements to the employees and candidates for certain positions, dictated by the dictates of the time - new achievements of scientific and technological progress and the transition of the pharmaceutical industry to international quality standards. The company employs a team of highly qualified specialists. 

Thanks to the deep understanding of the goal and well-coordinated work of the entire team, the quality management system has been implemented, is functioning and is constantly being improved at the enterprise, which allowed it to turn into a modern production facility that meets the requirements of international standards. Compliance of production with international standards allowed the company to consider entering the international market as one of the priorities when defining its development strategy. In accordance with the bilateral agreement this task solution is entrusted to "Center of molecular research" Ltd, which with the participation of leading specialists of DIAMED has already achieved noticeable results. Entry into the international market will allow the company to increase funding for the development and introduction into production of new products and expand the line of manufactured products for nuclear medicine.

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